7 Relaxing Outdoor Activities That Probably Won't Kill You (But Will Be a Great Time)

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Without further ado:
  1. Golf

“All I do is Golf.” — Thurnis Haley

Thurnis Haley isn’t the only one. There’s a large portion of the population, particularly older men, who…all they do is golf. Why? Let’s explore.

Golf is a peculiar mix of nature and sport. Outdoors. In the sun. Amongst the trees, with nice ponds around perhaps. There are some truly scenic courses out there. And then, of course, you have a defined objective of putting a small white ball in a hole several hundred yards away.

It’s kind of awesome.

The feeling you get when you hit a great shot is something special. Birds chirping, backswing, follow through, admire your shot. It doesn’t get better than that.

As I mentioned, it’s known as somewhat of an old man sport as well, because you really don’t need to be all that athletic to play it well. Look at John Daly, or any of the old heads on the PGA (or LIV) tours. The best part? You get to do it all in fresh air, with nature is thriving around you.

Never used to like it as a kid, but golf can be a beautiful game. Admire some nice courses below before we move onto the next exhibit.

How could you not enjoy being out there? Great juxtaposition for how frustrating it can be.

2. Fishing

Not talking deep sea fishing like they did on that show Deadliest Catch. That would definitely put us back in the extreme sports range and I could not guarantee your safety.

But regular old fishing?

That’s a doable outdoor activity that people have been known to find relaxing. I myself am a terrible fisherman with little experience, but friends of mine who partake tell me it’s a great way to be outdoors and put the mind at rest, which is really what this list is all about.

There’s a couple kinds of fishing we should review.

There’s fly fishing, and there’s lake/ocean fishing.

Fly fishing is more for rivers and streams. You go by the side of the water and catch something. The other way, you actually go out on a craft and fish from there.

Just be aware that some fish are endangered, and different states and territories have different rules on what you’re allowed to keep and what you need to throw back in the water. Be respectful. We’re all about enjoying nature here but not about killing it.

Old Man & The Sea

3. Kayaking

Unless you go white water kayaking this definitely falls more in the chill category as well. Kayaking is a good time. You may need to rent your gear and you need to prepare to get a little wet, but besides that it’s not bad.

Got a couple options on the table here.

You got kayaking down a river, around a lake, or in shallow ocean. Once, when I was a kid, we even kayaked through some marshland adjacent to the water. That was a good time. Turns out there was a tornado warning in effect, in Massachusetts of all places.

It’s not too strenuous, you get up and close with the nature around you, and you get to have a good ol’ time. And maybe, when you’re done, grab some food with your friends & family and just relax. You’ve spent a great day outdoors. You earned it.

Try Kayaking somewhere awesome like this

4. Paddleboarding

Never personally attempted this one before. It’s sort of like kayaking but you’re standing up on the board. Requires still water, otherwise you’re pretty much guaranteed to fall off.

I don’t think such as thing as “white water paddleboarding” exists.

But this may be the most relaxed of all water sports out there.

Imagine this — You, chilling on Lake Tahoe, paddleboarding around the place and looking at the mountains.

What’s wrong with that?

Enjoying nature from all angles.

I’ve also seen people paddle board in inlets on the ocean — you can probably do it any place that doesn’t get significant waves. Seems like once you learn to keep your balance, you just get out there and do the job. Be at one with the water or whatever. Just enjoy yourself.

Paddleboarding on a mountain lake. Arguably the dream.

5. Biking

Biking is awesome and is maybe my favorite activity on the list, as you can do it almost anywhere. Want to go around town quick? Try biking. Found a good bike path nearby? Biking. Anywhere flat and paved enough? Also biking.

Biking around town, and even on mild trails, is a great time, but the true move is going to some kind of bike path and getting that experience of flying through the woods/desert/wherever you’re at on a smooth trail.

And even though it’s chill, it can be a great workout.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

Biking around on a sunny day makes 15 miles feel like 15 minutes. An activity you must partake in.

Yup, that’s it.

6. Ice Skating

This is one that may not come so natural unless you grew up doing it. I am not an accomplished ice skater. I can’t turn without stopping against a wall.

Having said that, the feeling of gliding is absolutely unique.

On a sheet of ice, hopefully outdoors for the purpose of this list, breathing the crisp winter air.

I don’t care if you’re in Bryant Park in NYC or a frozen pond in Montreal, a little skate is the best part of winter (besides skiing, covered in the other list.)

The one thing that can be a pain about skating is finding skates the right size.

If you get skates that are too big, it’s just not going to work. If you get skates that are too small, that’s a different issue entirely. Skates that fit just right will give you maximum control out there.

Maybe you’re even feeling ambitious and you bring a hockey stick and a few pucks, but that might be for experts only. What can you do? Enjoy a skate.


7. Tennis

We will be rounding out this list with Tennis, a newfound passion of mine. Tennis is a wildly fun game. Imagine big ping pong, but outside. It really is a great time.

All you need is some athletic gear, 2 rackets, some balls and 1 other person. It’s relatively mild as far as sports go, as it’s another “lifetime game” you can play into your older age.

You get to work on your lateral movement, catch a little sunlight and get competitive anywhere there’s a court. And I guarantee there’s a court somewhere nearby.

Can’t believe I waited this long to get into it. Go out there and enjoy yourself.

My Local Court

I understand your local court probably doesn’t look quite like this, but I’m sure you can find something.

As always, it’s our goal to get you, the reader, outside and enjoying yourself in the sun, sometime soon. In fact, rather than reading another article by me, I want you to get out there and do something right now. My incredible work will still be here when you get back.

If extreme sports ain’t your cup of tea, I hope this list was more your speed.

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I love you deeply.

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