White Mountains NH

Doing a special spot highlight today on a place we love but aren’t too close to. As you may have guessed from the title of this blog, I’m talking about the White Mountains in New Hampshire. According to Google, these mountains are somewhere between 100 and 124 million years old. I can only confirm that they’ve been around for the past 20 years or so, but beyond this they are undoubtably spectacular. Their age means they aren’t big compared to a lot of other mountain ranges, but they get the job done all year round. Winter we’re talking some of the best skiing in the northeast, and one of the training grounds for elite skiers from across the US. Olympic Gold medalist Bode Miller is from the area, and even some of the gnarliest shredders of pow out west make the trek out here in their formative years to ski gooder. If you can do it in the ice and shit conditions out here, you can do it anywhere on Earth. In the summer, the hiking is unreal. Lafayette, Mt. Washington, and numerous other peaks including Kinsman which we did today. Peep the view.

You may not be able to see jack through the clouds, but trust me when I say it’s a good view on a nice day (In all deadass seriousness, the view from behind the upper chair at Cannon Mountain on a clear day is one of the best views on Earth. Absolutely spectacular.) Rolling hills and farmland into the distance. No wonder famous poet Robbie Frost spent years out here writing about yellow woods and all that. Side note for my poetry guys, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening slaps. Great poetry. Silky smooth. The mosses and mountain streams up this way are also about as good as it gets. At a certain altitude you got mosses and lichens growing on everything, and you got these streams cascading down rocks into pools from the top. Scenic, serene, natural, all these words don’t do it justice. You gotta see it to believe it.

Believe it yet? I told you mosses and mountain streams cascading down rocks and here we go. Right there. Early on in the hike. Usually we’re also out there cleaning trash but not a problem in NH. Obviously near the towns there’s some issues with litter, but the farther abound you go the better it gets. On trails like this there’s never anything to see. When you’re around nature all the time, people just seem to take care of it better. Less trash to go around and more nature to go around. With all the people on Earth it’s tough to think you can achieve this anywhere, but being immersed in it gives a new appreciation for why it’s important to preserve our natural environments. Before people build a place up, everywhere used to be its own form of this. Pristine and wild.

Every day, we hit new nature spots, clean up, and give you the low down and the info we came back with on a given day. Always a pleasure. To support, check out theregrowthproject.com and theregrowthproject on IG. Gotta wrap this up before the Bruins vs. Caps game. Catch you all tomorrow.